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The Map to Reach Your Goal!

Look at the Big Picture!! many times have you heard that?  In truth, the big picture is often overwhelming, not easily attainable and the source of many "I can't do it, I give up" decisions.  Am I right!?!
And stop and think; if you are so focused on that one goal, you miss out on all the incredible opportunities that pop up around you every single day! 
You have what it takes. Now, tie up loose solid, positive relationships, be very diligent about your finances, don't neglect your education/training...avoiding these steps can keep you locked up where you are ... with blinders on!! Pray everyday for His guidance and take that first step.
Meet people along the way and listen to them, ask questions. They are your best resources as you aim for your goal.
Keep your eyes, your ears, your heart open, and have a roadmap in front of you that makes you think clearly about every step of your journey. 
Map your way to that place you want to a year? maybe 3 years?.  Start with short term week, next month, six months and so on.
NOTE:  Don't be surprised if along the way...your map takes you in a completely new direction, a side road that leads to a, never thought of before, goal!!
Keep me posted on your successes!

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Anonymous on Tuesday, January 31, 2017 10:00 PM
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