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Stepping Stones Life Coaching addresses each item on this list.  Look it over!  
Today, right now, you are at the starting line.  You will receive the tools you need to move forward and develop a positive attitude and appreciation of who you are, with an emphasis on health, wellness and your spiritual life.

  • Life in transition?  Changes happen, often not by your choice

  • Have you forgotten what your gifts, your talents are?  It's time to discover...or re-discover them 

  • Strained relationships in the family, in the workplace, with friends?  Solution: communication, communication, communication

  • Don't forget the needs of an 'overwhelmed with life' teenager. They crave affirmation and someone to hear what is on their mind.

  • Disorganized, stressed, exhausted?  When your thoughts AND your surroundings are organized and put in their proper place, the stress will be defused and you can breathe again!

Face to Face:  One on one or as a small group...again, whatever works best for you.  Offering privacy and confidentiality as we work together.

Virtual Coaching:  Coaching by Skype, Facetime...even by telephone... is available for individual and group coaching sessions wherever you are, whether in St. Louis or Paris or Timbuctu!  Best of all, you don't have to leave your home or your office to have a good talk!  

Workshops in the Workplace: 
"The attrition rate is often the result of personal issues outside the workplace, rather than dislike of the job to be done."

Providing tools to HR and Management in Businesses, Schools, Churches...
  • To brush up on organizational and communication skills, particularly the listening skills!
  • To present a positive attitude while mediating to be a part of the solution, not the problem
  • To hold crucial conversations with colleagues, employees and clients. 
 The material is specific to the needs of the group attending the workshop.